8th media monitor BONUS: SUPERNATURAL, ASTROLOGY, etc. In an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho or KMJS aired on October 7, 2018, figures of Sto. Niño were seen moving from one place to another in Dinalupihan, Bataan. These Sto. Niño figures have also been reported to move their hands and has been therefore, believed to be miraculous. The Yap family’s original Sto. Niño has also reportedly brought back two other figures of Sto. Niño to their house. The story had insights from a physicist, psychologist, anthropologist and a paranormal investigator to further give the report context and provide additional explanation. The KMJS team has also installed several CCTV cameras in the Yap’s family house to end the superstition once and for all. The CCTV footages showed that the youngest child of the Yap’s family was the one who has continuously moved the figures from one place to another and admitted that he faked the evidences for the Sto. Niño to give their family a miracle. Residents of their town were also interviewed and said that they have seen the teenage boy walking around town with a small bag containing the said Sto. Niño. A provision of the KBP Broadcast Code states that “programs featuring superstitious and pseudo-scientific beliefs and practices, such as supernatural powers, foretelling of the future, astrology, phrenology, palm-reading, numerology, mind-reading, hypnotism, faith healing or similar subjects shall be careful not to induce belief in them. Care shall be taken to prevent the exploitation of people who may be easily swayed by such superstitious and pseudo-scientific beliefs and practices.” The show has successfully proved that the moving figures of the Sto. Niño was all faked by the Yap family. Soho also said in her concluding words on the issue to be careful not to immediately believe the things that people say especially when the evidences tell the opposite. VIDEO SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNIZM1W09Io